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Here’s some helpful FAQ’s from a Gold Coast expert in tv antenna installation and cabling

Cabling,TV Antenna Installation,TV Wall Mount | Gold Coast Professional tv antenna installation and cabling for the Gold Coast
  • How many tv’s can run off one antenna?

    The number of times that a signal can be split to multiple tv’s is dependent on the quality and how much signal strength you can get at your location. We use high quality antennas and an amplifier/booster to get the best possible signal strength from transmission towers. For most areas on the Gold Coast we have no problem splitting a signal from our antennas to multiple TVs.

  • Why do free to air channels on my tv get no signal or pixilate?

    This is a signal issue, caused by either a lack of signal or a weak poor quality signal. Pixilation is the digital equivalent to what used to be ‘snowy’ pictures in the analogue tv days.

  • Can I use a phone line for data?

    No, data requires a completely different type of cable. Note that a data cable can be used as a phone line.

  • Can I view my CCTV footage from my smart phone?

    We do CCTV installations which allow you to view the camera video images from any smart device providing you have broadband internet supplied to your cameras during installation.

  • Do I need a phone line to be able to install an alarm system?

    Technically you do not need a phone line to have an active alarm, however you will need a phone line for you or your monitoring company to be notified that the alarm has been activated.

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