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Things to consider before setting up CCTV camera

all_coast / 25 Jul 2018

CCTV camera has been a revolutionary invention in the world of technology. It has taken the magnitude of security to a whole different level. In the prior days CCTV cameras were generally used only for offices, big institutions, and shops. However, in modern times it is a very common practice to have few of these brilliant surveillance devices set up right in your home. Here are 10 things to consider before setting up CCTV camera connection in your property.

Quality over price

As the saying goes cheap is always expensive. You should never go for a cheap CCTV camera as more often than not it will break down or malfunction, resulting in a repurchase. A good quality CCTV camera will not only last longer but will add extra value to your overall security system.

Avoid DIY

Although DIY’s are a great way to learn and engage yourself in the whole learning process; it is strongly recommended to leave the CCTV installation to the trained professionals. This is because installing a CCTV camera has many technical aspects that is tied to the task. A professional knows which area and angle would enable you to have the maximum coverage, assist you to optimise the storage of your data, and always be available for help should anything go wrong. Furthermore, DIY kits rarely come with appropriate cable lengths or hard drive space and often do not meet Australian legal specifications, meaning any footage captured may not be allowed in court as evidence.

Type of camera

There are tons of different types of CCTV cameras to choose from. Each of them facilitates their own unique advantages and drawbacks. Here are few prime examples of the common CCTV cameras. Dome Camera, they are circular in shape and provide a 360 video. IP Camera, these provide images back and forth through the means of internet. Wireless CCTV Camera, these eliminate the need for any sort of wires and it carries a very simple learning curve. Select a CCTV camera which will boast you the greatest value and functionality.

Caution others about the CCTV camera

You should always put a notice or sign to let people know that they are under the surveillance of a CCTV camera. This is especially important for the usage of CCTV cameras in offices or public places. If you want to set up a CCTV at your personal property to monitor someone at your home (babysitter, maid, gardener), you should always notify them verbally or by a written letter, to avoid any legal disputes.

Taking legal permission when needed

If your coverage of CCTV area shows a portion of your neighbour’s property or any other relevant entities, you should always make sure to ask for proper permission at first. If they are uncomfortable or have issues with your CCTV camera coverage, you are obliged to change the camera angle to a different direction.

Restriction of surveillance during private acts 

No CCTV camera should be installed within toilets and change room facilities. According to the Criminal Code Act 1899 (QLD) if a person is engaged in a private act (eg. unclothing), surveillance is still restricted.

Account for the whole cost

CCTV installation cost should always be accounted for the cost of the security system as a whole, not the CCTV camera only. The whole security system consists of monitoring devices, power supplies, hard disk spacing, and a back-up power supply. 

Consider Proper lighting

If you are not using a CCTV camera which is capable of shooting night vision video, do consider having supportive lighting to assist your CCTV camera. Proper supportive lighting will help provide clearer night-time image and video footages which will, in turn, increase the effectivity of the security system as a whole.


You should always carry out maintenance of your CCTV camera at regular timely intervals. If you get your CCTV camera installed from a good company, this part will be handled by them, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.   

These were few simple things to consider before you decide to install a CCTV camera system at your home.  For more information regarding types of cameras availability and installation charges within the Gold Coast area, visit