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VOIP Phone Connection vs Traditional Phone Connection: Which one is better for your Gold Coast Office?

all_coast / 05 Oct 2018

Voice over internet protocol or as it is better-known IP telephone is a means of communication done over the internet protocol network. This is done by compressing analog voice into packets and sending them over the internet. Traditional phone connections are established by circuit switching, done with the help of copper wire. Here are few differences between a VOIP phone connection and a traditional one, to help you decide which one is better for your Gold Coast Office.


Since VOIP phone connection lines take advantages of the internet and data cabling to establish a phone call, it can generally be accessed by anyone and everyone who has a connection with the internet. Traditional phone connections are much more tangible meaning, they are usually fixed to a place and is limited to the area to the area of operation it can be used in.


Traditional landlines are usually a lot more expensive to cover when comparing with VOIP phones. VOIP’s can offer unlimited local calls along with a very reasonable international call rate. Landlines are unable to offer either of these features.

Extra Features 

VOIP phones offer an abundance of extra features in respect to the traditional phone connections. Features such as the ability to route calls to different devices are must have for some businesses. This is possible due to 24/7 connection with the internet done through the means of data cabling.

Ability to set up virtual telephone numbers 

VOIP phones also enable a business to set up a virtual number. Virtual numbers help business such as call centres to take advantages of local pressure. A traditional phone line does not carry the feature of setting up a virtual number.

Accounting for all the differences, it would seem that a VOIP phone connection would indeed be a better choice for a business operating in Gold Coast. For information regarding how to set up a VOIP phone line for your business, visit AllCoast CableGuys, the data cabling specialists of Gold Coast.