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Why DIY CCTV SYSTEMS, are not a good idea

all_coast / 05 Nov 2018

Having your CCTV connection properly set up is an integral part of the whole security package. If the CCTV cameras are not properly optimised it will not be able to contribute effectively to the security system. Hence it is better to let a professional handle the installation of CCTV System. However, if you are still up for the task here are few reasons why DIY CCTV Systems, are not a good idea.

Optimal Coverage

A professional who has the experience of installing hundreds of CCTV camera will have better knowledge about the placement of the CCTV camera than a DIY enthusiast. Misplacing the CCTV camera by the smallest margin might have a great effect on the security system as a whole.

Vulnerable to hacking

Oftentimes DIY enthusiasts fail to properly encrypt the system while installing CCTV Cameras. This leaves the system vulnerable to easy hacking. A hacked CCTV System can be used to gather personal information about the owner and be used against them.

Untimely Maintenance  

Getting the CCTV system installed from professional, would enable facilities such as free maintenance at timely intervals. This will ensure your CCTV system is always stays updated to the latest security firmware.

Hamper automation process 

Complete home automation is now possible as a result of an integrated home security system. If the installation of the CCTV system is not done properly, the automation process might not be as effective as it was originally intended to be. Therefore it is better to let the professionals handle such technical tasks.

Henceforward, due to reasons stated above and many more, it is ill-advised to go for a DIY Security System installation. For further assistance regarding the installation of CCTV system near areas of Gold Coast, you can contact the AllCoast CableGuys, at